Monday, June 25, 2012

Bringing her book to life.

I've talked about my wood burner before.  It's amazing.  It's cheap.  And they have cool ones at Joanns.  I'm jealous of those ones, they have different tips.  I may or may not need to buckle down and own two.  It's perfect for those moments when it's 10:00 at night and the kids are in bed, and you are home alone, and you have the urge to create something but not make a mess.  I love how fast a wood project can go just by burning in designs.  

Let me show you this adorable book my mother owns.

There are no words inside, only pictures and half-pages that you flip back and forth to see what Nancy is up to.

Nancy is naughty.  She enjoys this mouse couple's wedding immensely.
In her own way...

My daughter loves this book, so I thought I'd use it as inspiration with this little toy.

I used a scrap piece of wood in the garage.  She was cut out with a scroll saw and then I penciled in her features.  From there I sat in front of an episode of Psych and enjoyed using the wood burning pen.  I hope to someday get ahold of some beeswax and make a natural beeswax finish for wooden toys.  Then I would feel more comfortable giving them away.

Now please, how was your weekend?  What was the best part?

(Please use caution when using wood burning pens, they can be extremely hazardous around children.  That being said, don't let it scare you away!  They are super fun!)

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  1. Becky, those little mice turned out adorable. My weekend was good. It was John's b-day. We went to Knott's Berry Farm, dinner at a restaurant with live music, a couple of parties on Sat (a ward picnic and a pool party) and finished Sat off with a movie. It was fun. And Sunday was nice too. I went to the Methodist church (where Stan goes for preschool) and to our regular church meetings. Did some reading and writing in the afternoon. It was lovely.



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