Monday, June 25, 2012

I hope you know,

Sometimes I feel like this is a show and tell blog hosted by me.  I feel kind of awkward about that.  I'd rather not lock people in the room with me and force them to look at what I've been making.  

I've been trying to analyze my writing habits on here, and I'm afraid I'm coming off as egotistical and a girl who feels like she's above everyone else.  That makes me feel sort of horrible.  I hope I never seem like a show off.  I hope I'm approachable.  

I'm home with my kids.  I have a hard time coming up with something new for every meal and I am just astounded that piles of laundry can crawl and have babies.  I buy store-made pie crusts, and I most likely will never figure out how to do it myself.  I am unsure of myself, and sometimes I daydream about being someone successful at... something.  It changes every day because I have a horrible habit of not being able to focus and finish a lot of projects.
I brush my teeth too hard.  (Yes it's detrimental to good gum health.)
I have to remind myself to get out of my pajamas everyday because maybe, just maybe someone will knock on the door.  (Like this morning. "Hi!  Oh, I completely forgot I invited you over to talk about this right now.  Let's just sit on the front porch why don't we?  Look at my face, not inside, not my hair, or my sweats please."  Sometimes it's nicer to clean in comfy clothes :)
I have to limit the books I pick up because once my nose is in a book my mind refuses to go on with real life until I've finished the last page.  (Right now it's stuck in Harry Potter.)
And my poor kids are learning right along with me how to control our emotions, how to handle stress, how to wake up at a decent hour, and how to hold back how much we love each other.

Basically, I hope I don't come off as unreal.  I like to take pictures of what I do, play around with photoshop, and then post them on my blog.  It's what I like to do, just like you have things you like to do.

So please,

What have you been doing?  What is making you excited right now?  Really, I'd love to hear.  I'm not sure how you do those linky parties, but you are more than welcome to share a link in the comments :)


  1. Hi- I discovered your blog through Pinterest. :) Glad I did. It's fun to learn a little more about you. I look forward to reading more. I love the swaddle dolls that your Relief Society did. I'm going to suggest them as a service project in Young Women's.

  2. I also discovered your blog on Pinterest. Your swaddle dolls and the turtle are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing with us. From what I have read so far you do not come across as egotistical. You come across as very sweet, loving, and talented. I am reading this in my pajamas I have had on all day. I too wear old clothes when I clean. If someone comes over they should be coming to see you, if they want to come over and see your house they need to make an appointment. I think alot of people are relieved when they walk into a house that's not picture perfect and they friend is not made up yet. Then they know they don't have to be perfect when you come to their house.

    1. Don't make me cry! Thank you :)

    2. @ womanwithstixs: Becky is so not egotistical. I know this for a fact. I was her roommate while we were both attending different schools in Utah. She and her older sisters are the BEST roommates I EVER had. I feel privileged for having to know both of them.

  3. Nope not egotistical at all. I have just started a blog. I'm a stay at home mum with 2 little people (oh my, how do they make so much mess!) and I'd rather sew than clean. I also like to take pictures of stuff I make, if you'd like a look my blog is
    Let me know what you think!

  4. Goodness me Becca, you read typical of a mum your age. So much to do, not enough time to do it in. You are not alone, you're just smart enough to know yourself what the situation is, perhaps others don't make you aware of their life. Why worry? Enjoy your life and your family foremost, you don't want them to be your greatest regret when you look back at life. Do what you enjoy most, it keeps you sane and makes a better person of you.
    Most of all, keep writing as you do, you're alright girl and there are lots of us who appreciate you as you are.
    Don't ever be what you think other people expect you to be.
    Be yourself and keep making memories. There is no one like you.
    Special hugs from a friend you haven't met who would be proud of you as a daughter and/or friend.
    Special hugs to one special and talented girl.



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