Friday, June 8, 2012

growing; munching

I love these goats.

I've been thinking of naming them.  They aren't mine (they belong to my husband's parents), so I don't really think the name will stick, but sometimes I like thinking up names for things.

Good goat names:

I've been thinking of the names I've given to some things that are important to me.  One time I heard of a girl who named everything.  Like her father's office plant, the door, or her left shoe.  Sounds good to me.

My guitar is named Liesl.
My cello is named Harriet.
My sewing machine is Molly.
And my camera is Charlotte.  (Did you know that the short version of Charlotte is Lottie?  I've loved that ever since I found out.)

I've decided on some of these names simply because I love them and I most likely will not convince my husband of using them on our babies.  But that's okay, these are things I use often enough that I can use their names quite a bit.  What have you named?

And remember this little guy?

Now he has horns!


  1. U took such a nice picture and it ^_^

  2. I think the little black goat and E connected so well because they both have long eyelashes...maybe.



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