Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ohhhh that chocolate cake

I've shared this chocolate cake recipe about four times over the course of my bloghood.  I don't think I'll get tired of sharing it, it's just that amazing.  I will never use another recipe for chocolate cake while baking from scratch.

It's a Hershey's recipe and can be found here.

I wanted to make a cream cheese frosting, but didn't have enough cream cheese for between the layers. Luckily there was some heavy whipping cream left over in the fridge and I 'whipped' that up for the center.
Unfortunately I have very little experience in decorating cakes.  Otherwise I would have known that if you make the middle layer too thick then when it comes time to spreading frosting on top, if you push too hard it will press the top layer down and squish the whipped cream out the sides.  You can't see it as much in the above photo, but after an hour or two the sides were bulging.  Ah well.

I think I know the reason I like this cake.  
It's the cocoa.  
It calls for a lot of it.  
And you can taste it.

Oh boy.


  1. This is a really delicious chocolate cake! I can't wait to try this one out. Your pictures made me crazy I could eat the screen.



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