Saturday, August 11, 2012

babies and onions

Sometimes I like it when my kids meddle with me.  Like when they notice I am cooking and they each come up and ask what I'm doing.  Then they ask if they can watch.  Then they ask if they can sit on the counter.  Then they ask if they can add the ingredients and then maybe stir the bowl for a while.  All the while I am insisting that I am in a hurry and that now is not the time.

But really, when is the time?

Truly, life would be easier without kids.  But that is not why I chose to have them, and that is not why I have given my heart to them.  So when things to get hurried and rushed I need to remind myself that it might just be okay if I'm ten minutes late if that means my child has one less memory of me brushing them aside.  I actually appreciate that they meddle and worm their ways onto my counter and into the bowl of eggs and salt and sugar.  And it makes me super happy inside when my daughter knows the difference between 'flour' and 'flower'.  

Anyways, one day they had both squirmed their way up next to me and were watching me cut up the vegetables.  I was shocked when both of them started crying without warning.  It took me a moment to notice that I was cutting an onion and that I was wearing contacts so I didn't notice, but they got the full effect of onion in the eyes.  It was just another fun 'new' thing I got to experience as a parent and them as little cooks :)

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