Friday, August 24, 2012

I wrote a short story.

When I was posting this picture a story sort of popped into my mind.  Then I thought maybe I shouldn't post it.  Then I thought maybe I would.  So... if you'd like to read the maybe/mayben't story that I wrote, read on:

Once upon a time there was a little girl dragon named Glorybelle.  Glorybelle grew up with a family of dorky ferocious dragons.  She sort of struggled with this, because sometimes she grew tired of stomping through the woods, breathing smoke, and unpicking bones that got stuck between her teeth.  
One day Glorybelle decided to prove to the other animals that she was actually a nice dragon, and not a mean one.  So she caught a bird and began teaching it croquet to be her friend.  
Sadly, that morning Glorybelle had eaten the crust of her little brother, Brutus', toast.  He was not happy with her.  Brutus was hopping thrashing through the forest when he saw Glorybelle with her new little bird prisoner friend.  He came up and devoured the bird scared it away.  Then he did a jig.  Poor poor Glorybelle.



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