Monday, August 27, 2012

Working with stone

One of the mediums I love most to work with stone.  Turquoise, red rock, peach, yellow, you name it.  I love the way it looks near the face, near the hair.  It has it's own natural beauty.

I love how it can go with anything.  It can dress up a flannel shirt, or add color to a pretty black dress.  I wish I would see it around more often.

I think my favorite combination is the stone with copper.  Look at the colors!
Love it.

It's been sort of a slow blog week.  We were away for the weekend, and although I had photos ready so that I could think up something to post with them, I didn't want to melt you with dry posts.  I'm excited for this week though.  Some fun things are planned!

All of the above pieces can be found in my shop.

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