Wednesday, August 29, 2012

love, Miss Bit

Well bloggy readers, I have a special treat for you today.  I recently asked my sister, Miss Bit, to participate in my blog by guest posting about once a week or so.  And so today I would like to introduce you to her formally.  Her name is Lydia Belle.  Dubbed Miss Bit because when she was little she was so itty bitty.  She is a 21 year old senior at BYU in Provo, UT.  She studies art history, women's studies, and humanities, and she is very passionate about them.  She is single, and she blogs over at Love Your Life.  And that's about all I can think you'll need to know!  Oh, and I adore her. 
So without further ado, I'll turn the time over to her.


Hello!  Welcome to my first post!  Today I want to talk about Becky. If you want to read more about me, stay tuned for more of my weekly guest posts, or check out my blog, here. But today I want to talk about the side of Becky that has never reached the blog world before. I know. Intriguing, right? As you know, Becky is a wonderful person. She has lots of great qualities. She plays the cello like a wizard. She cooks and bakes like a boss. She mothers like a queen. And she is an artist. However, sometimes I think she doesn’t always show the other side of her—the side that is absolutely hilarious. I just wanted to share a few experiences with you that may enlighten you about how fun of a person she is. Mind you, all of these happened within the short time I have been visiting with her. Just imagine how fun it would be to live with her.

The other day when she came back from running errands, and just as she is putting her shoes back in the closet, our two year old niece points out that Becky is wearing two very different flip flops. And Becky simply hadn’t noticed. The poor soul, not any of her friends that she ran into in the store even pointed it out!

And then there was the time when Becky and I were in deep conversation and she told me she “wasn’t the smartest chip off the block.” Yeah Becky. You are not the sharpest one either.

Or the other day I watched when Becky was making scrambled eggs for her kids. She got an egg out of the refrigerator, cracked it, and promptly poured it into the garbage can. After staring in the garbage for a minute she said casually “Oh. I need another egg.” Yeah… smoooooth.

Yesterday she was telling me about a dream she had in which her and an evil witch her dueling with wands. But all the wands were doing were squirting glitter at each other, and that wasn’t doing much. So Becky decided on a different game plan. Then, unfortunately, she woke up. But Becky wasn’t finished; so she decided to daydream the finish while she lay in bed. And the ending included Becky lifting up her hands into the air and calling “upon all the forces of good in the world” to change her into a little girl (a cunning disguise). Then she was able to trick the witch into eating her poisoned apple. Success!

So there you have it. My brilliant older sister. My best friend. My role model.

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  1. Leave it to a sibling to tell all sorts of embarrassing stories about you! I've done the two different shoes thing before, but in my defense they were the exact same style in two different colors...and it was dark when I put them on.



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