Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goblin Valley

Have any of you heard of Goblin Valley?  It is located in southern Utah a few hours below Price.  I know southern Utah is most known for it's arches, but to me these goblin shaped formations are equally amazing and a little less known.  It is basically a valley full of wind and water worn formations that resemble goblins and mushrooms.  I'm really glad they named it Goblin Valley though, Mushroom Valley would totally turn me off.

It's beautiful, it's not highly crowded, and it's amazingly fun.  Head down there in Spring or Fall for the best weather and climb to your hearts content.  My family and I first visited here the year the month before my husband and I became friends in college.  Ever since visiting the first time I knew I wanted to go back again and again.  I've been wanting to take my husband for five years now and we finally got our chance.  Now I want to head back with a huge group, can you imagine hide and seek Goblin-style?

We showed up the night before and camped in some free camp grounds outside of the park, email me if you want to know where the free grounds are.  We were able to see stars.  A whole sky of thousands of tiny twinkling stars.  I haven't seen that for a long time.  And then when we first got to the valley you can see the first place we headed in the photo above.  The little ridge there on top of the cliff.  This is the perfect place to go if you've always been the type to gravitate to a good climbing tree.

Here is the view from on top of the ridge: 

We spent a few hours on one side of the valley.  It wasn't until right before we left that we found small canyons and mazes full of goblins on the other side.  We'll have to go back :)

I like the above photo because you can see the enormity of everything, and yet you can see the beautiful rock under and around my feet, so easy to climb.

Anyways, there's my shout out.  It's an incredible place.  Here's some more information if you'd like to go.  
I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Autumn!  What have you been up to?


  1. We just went this summer with some friends and LOVED it. I can't believe more people don't go because it is just plain amazing. Next time you go you'll have to go to Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's just a few miles from there and it's a gorgeous slot canyon. Now I want to go!

  2. If you like Goblin Valley you should check out Fantasy Canyon. We went there and LOVED it. I believe its smaller than Goblin Valley, but still worth it!

  3. Little Wild Horse Canyon and Fantasy Canyon. Got it. Thanks guys!

  4. This totally makes me want to go!



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